Clay kilns as we know them today were developed in Austria and Southern Germany. They experienced their heyday during the 15th century, when they took on the role of room decorations and symbols of prestige. They were richly decorated according to models developed by respected artists. The clay stove has developed into a symbol of relaxing and beneficial warmth. It was placed in the main living room – the kitchen or the living room in order to gather family and friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Modern clay furnaces have to meet different requirements. Aesthetically, they must be perfectly integrated into the interior, it is important that they are easy to use and clean, that they meet rigorous requirements related to the emission of pollution and dust, and at the same time save your money.
Light crackling, the softness of a blazing fire, the smell of wood and smooth surface of glazed ceramics – pleasure in the warmth of the clay oven involves all your senses.

All pots are made in our factory in Bedekovčina, and are available in many variations of colors and shapes. The tradition of the old masters and the modern technology of the Zagorka company guarantee that the clay stove will serve you for a lifetime, and it will surely warm the next generations as well. By choosing to heat with a clay stove, you are building a home of long-term value.

The glazed ceramic surface is extremely easy to clean. It does not receive dust particles, and clean water is sufficient to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the clay oven. The shape, surface, glaze and design of the clay elements adapt to your lifestyle. Whether it is a traditional country house, a holiday home or a contemporary interior, ceramics offer unlimited styling possibilities according to your needs. In addition to the above, an unavoidable factor for choosing this type of heating is its CO2 neutrality and environmental friendliness. Each clay element was created from natural elements – earth, water, fire and air. The clay stove radiates natural and gentle heat through the bodies and objects in the space, but not the air itself. Air circulation is minimized, and thus dust dispersion. This type of heating is especially suitable for people suffering from allergies. Anyone who has experienced the soothing radiation of ceramics is aware of its positive effect on health. The quickly available air heat directly through the shaft and the long-lasting heat of the clay elements complement each other perfectly. Pleasant warmth remains in the room for several hours after the clay stove is turned off.

The production of clay elements by the company Zagorka is based on the process of casting ceramic mass into pre-prepared models of desired shapes. One clay heats up to 1 m3, and the quantity of clay required for the construction of a clay furnace is planned on this basis. The offer is divided into three groups: classic, standard, premium. The production program includes clay elements in 9 different models and 30 colors. In addition to standard shapes and colors, we also produce clay elements according to special requirements in colors that are not in regular production. The glazes we use are baked at 1000°C, consist of natural components and are completely harmless to health.

We highlight two construction models:
1. traditional clay stove (classic construction with channels made of fireclay)
– the most comfortable heat
– application for continuous heating
– lowest fuel consumption< br /> – the greatest accumulation power
– long-term heat radiation after the cessation of burning;

2. hot-air clay stove (with insert)
– quick heating of the space
– possibility of heating several rooms
– possibility of installing accumulation inserts.

For individual access to the solution for your clay furnace and additional information, we invite you to visit us at the sales hall in Bedekovčina or contact us via info@zagorka.hr / +385 (0)49 213-144.